Scarface: The World is Yours

Tony Montana starts over from scratch - and so does the development team

Driving is only part of the game, though, and running around as drug kingpin Tony Montana doesn't look half bad. The environments are filled with things to destroy - in the explosive first level, we saw Tony tear apart chandeliers, statues and furniture with his monstrous, grenade launcher-equipped M-60. You'll also be able to target specific body parts, although the end result is usually the same: horrific bloody flesh-eruptions.

Also, when Tony fills up his "balls" meter (by doing anything risky, from intimidating someone to driving into oncoming traffic), he'll be able to briefly enter "blind rage" mode. This shifts the perspective into first-person while simultaneously slowing down time, refilling Tony's health and turning him into a screaming, bullet-spewing juggernaut.

So, yeah, this isn't a game for kids, if that's not obvious yet. The developers are keen on pushing the envelope as far as an M-rating will allow, and the least of their goals is to drop more f-bombs than any other game in history.

Tony does have a softer side, though: Scarface is possibly the only crime game that lets you smooth-talk your way out of a standoff with police, instead of just shooting at them or fleeing. It's also impossible for Tony to hurt innocents, which he believes is dishonorable, although his three playable henchmen are under no such restrictions.


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