Samurai Showdown: Warriors Rage Cheats, Codes & Guides

Samurai Showdown: Warriors Rage Cheats

  • Be Mikoto

    Finish story mode using Haomaru
    Submitted by Ryan Chua
  • Be Yuda

    Finish story mode using Mikodo

    Submitted by None
  • Be Tohma Kuki

    Finish story mode using Seishiro Kuki
    Submitted by None
  • Be Seishiro Kuno

    Finish story mode using all characters

    Submitted by None
  • Alternate Costumes and color

    To play with a different costumes or
    color : Highlight a character then press and hold R2 or R1 then press o ,release the R2 or R1 button on the loading screen. When the match begins your character will have a different costume or color.
    Submitted by None

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Available Platforms: PS1