Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked

But the real centerpieces of all this violence are the "Tate" and "Trance" modes, which are where it all gets strange. Every so often, an enemy will pop up with a star over its head. Hit it, and you'll enter Tate, a timed, button-mashing minigame that lets you cut your enemy to pieces with an explosion of slashes in front of a Japanese woodblock print. Get under 100 slashes, and you'll get a ton of coins as a reward. Go over 100, though, and you'll hit Trance mode. Here, your silhouetted samurai fights a hundred ninjas (four at a time) in front of a shoji screen, Kill Bill-style, as techno music throbs. Kill everyone before the tune ends, and you get a new item. Then it's back to more fighting.


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