Sam Rockwell talks Iron Man 2

Sam Rockwell is currently working on the Iron Man sequel, and has started to talk about his character – industrialist Justin Hammer.

Hammer is a deadly rival for Tony Stark, and though he’s usually shown as a white-haired, older English tycoon in the comic books (see below), the film is naturally making some changes.

“They wanted to go with a rival for Tony Stark who is closer to his age, and make him American,” Rockwell tells MTV.

So the actor won’t have to get made up to look like Vincent Price or one other actor that Rockwell thinks bears a striking resemblance…

“That looks like Jeremy Irons,” he jokes. “I guess they couldn’t get Jeremy Irons for it.” We’ll stick with you, Sam.

Rockwell goes on to mention that Hammer won’t be donning a power suit or doing much fighting in the film (he’s the brains, not the brawn apparently), and that the actors have been adding a lot of improv to the script.

Now we want a teaser trailer. Come on, Favs, you’ve been shooting for a couple of weeks already!

[Source: MTV ]

Excited to see what Sam Rockwell will do with Hammer? Or horrified at the changes? Tell us!



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