RUMOR: Activision may acquire Grand Theft Auto publisher

Activision is reportedly interested in acquiring publisher Take-Two, most likely for the rights to the Grand Theft Auto series. “There are very strong rumors amongst people at a very senior level within the global business,” said a senior games executive to MCV.

It's like 2007 all over again. Back then, rumors were flying that EA was going to acquire the mid-sized publisher. Looks like we're in for another year filled with industry gossip about another acquisition that may or may not come to pass.

Keep in mind, there's no concrete info at the moment. As the senior executive explained: "But they're not much more than that at the moment – they are just rumors. And, of course, given Activision's news this week, everyone is now looking to see what their next move is. But you can definitely put two and two together and make four-ish."

The anonymous senior executive is of course referring torecent news that Activision will cease production of any new Guitar Hero games while cancelling True Crime: Hong Kong.

Feb 14, 2011