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  • Submitted by Umit_Davala

Rugrats: Royal Ransom Cheats

  • Bugged by the Beetles!!

    In Arabian World on the game meanie genie, on level 3 of the part where you have to spit at beetles with your camel, spit at the flying beetles because they hurt u more.
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  • In air babies

    On the level of Punting Papya's go to the third checkpoint tree.Then jump onto the box farthest to the left. Then jump onto the box that you put the 2ed Pupya into and walla!Now you are about 4 feet in the air.
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  • Gas

    TO make characters pass gas you have to be in water then press up+a.
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Rugrats: Royal Ransom Hints

  • Monkey Business tip

    In monkey business when collecting bananas, do NOT collect more than 99 bananas b-cause it will not register, but you will lose bananas.
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