Rugrats Go Wild review

Not so much a combination as a head-on collision, this 'toon takes the Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys and squashes them together in a movie mishmash.

The plot sees our diaper-clad heroes shipwrecked on a remote island with the globetrotting Thornberrys. Not exactly innovative, but it does facilitate some fun pairings to keep the tots diverted. Adults, meanwhile, will squeeze some enjoyment from the frequent movie-swipes (notably from Jaws and Titanic) and a Bruce Willis voice cameo as the Rugrats' dog, Spike. Good job too, because the decision to butcher Iggy Pop and The Clash on the soundtrack is sure to act as a sonic assault to anyone over 30.

And despite some serviceable animation, the sad fact is that the quirky Thornberrys have been dumbed down to match the Rugrats' potty-humour quotient. The overall result is like teaming Scooby Doo and South Park: with such disparate elements, the centre just can't hold.


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