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Rogue Galaxy Unlockables

  • Dolgen Edge

    Use the Key of the Underworld.
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  • Captains Clothes

    Beat the Ghost Ship.
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  • Ghost Ship Extreme Level

    Beat the Ghost Ship.
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  • Ghost Ship Level

    Beat the game, and save when prompted. Then go to your ship and look at the map to find the new level.
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  • Kisaras Swimsuit

    Beat Ghost Ship Extreme.
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  • Truth of the King

    Beat Ghost Ship Extreme.
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  • Key of the Underworld

    Correctly answer the questions in the Seventh Mystery.
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  • Alternate Costumes

    Desert Dwellers Outfit- You start out in this costume
    Jungle Coat- Found on Juraika, path to the altar, teleport to the Waterfall and climb up about halfway, you will find a chest containing the coat.
    Pirates Outfit- Obtained after defeating the Alistia side quest.
    Desert Claws Outfit- obtained after reaching number 1 on the Hunter Rank list. speak to MIO to Obtain.
    Captains Clothes-Beat the Ghostship (unlocked after finishing main storyline)

    Light Skirt- You start out in this costume.
    Phantom Robe- Found in Myna Vedan, jump top of the train and jump onto a ledge just before one of the tunnels goin out of the area with Angela's bar.
    Tribal Two Piece- Defeat the "Rumored Lady Hunter" quarry in Myna Vedan.
    Her Majesties Attire- found in a chest behind the queens throne on Mariglenn, requiers the Sun Key.
    Swimsuit- Beat the Ghostship Xxtreme the once.
    Arina's Sleeve- Complete the Hunting Record and speak to MIO to obtain.

    Ebony Coat-you start out in this costume.
    Wanderers Coat- found in chest in Sherio's hut on Juraika, requiers Sun key.
    Lupine Coat- found in a chest in the Orphans hideout on Vedan, right next to the Shop.
    Swordsmans GI-Bought from Narcissus in the Queens palace, Mariglenn. Requiers Platinum licence.
    Midnight Cloak- Complete the Frog Log (analyze 100 and create 50) then speak to MIO

    Warriors Clothes- Lilika starts out in this costume.
    Royal Servants Clothes- found in chest right before the Leo Kings Castle, end of the "Path to the Ruins " section.
    Star Travellers Outfit- Found in a chest in Johannasburg.
    Sun's Beloved Wear- complete all quarries then speak to MIO.
    Stealth Clothes-Beat the Insectron on S-rank twice (EXTEMELY hard)

    Titanium Armor- Steve starts out with this costume.
    Reflect armor-found in a chest in the Ruins on Rosa, as you go through the ruins, you will HAVE to go through a room with 8 chests, 4 on each side, it is in one of these.
    Zeranium Armor- after you have defeated Jupis, you can go back into the assembly line 1, go the the top sections and go to the most NE section. talk to a woman standing next to a door, she will tell you that there are still robots on the loose, gop through the door and you should be in a red passage way, walk through this and defeat ALL of the battle walkers, after this a cutscene will show 3 chests appear, the Zeranium armor is inside one of these.
    Energy Armor- Purchase in Dr.Pocahchios Lab.
    Izerium Armor-create all of the items in the factory and speak to MIO.

    Spacesuit-Simon Starts out with this costume.
    Cosmo Jacket- obtained after defeating the quarry "the Voracious Wanderer" in the Rose Nebula.
    Traditional Worksuit- found in a chest in the 7th level of the first tower.
    Hand Knited sweater- Bought from Corbis in Myna.
    ZeroG suit- collect all 9 rare items and speak with MIO.
    Sho's Clothes- Beat the Ghostship Xxtreme twice.

    Leather Wear- You start out with this Costume.
    Vintage Wear- Buy from Hanbarney in the Plaza on Zerard.
    Riding Outfit- defeat the quarry "shapeless assasain"
    Lab Coat- in chest in Dr. Pocachios Lab, requires Sun key.
    Hi-Tech Mobile Wear- Defeat the Insectron S-rank Once

    Taurus Attachment- Deego starts out with this costume.
    Heavy Attatchment- After defeating Gale, continue through the passage into the room that had the great tablet, on the far side behind a rock is a chest.
    Longardian Armor- Purchsed from Alice on Zerard, West Side, requires Platinum Licence.
    Desructo Attachment- Found in a Chest on the way to the Orange Drigellum in the Gulza Sanctuary Mariglenn.
    Full Metal Jacket- complete EVERYONES revelation Flow and speak with MIO
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