Rodriguez revs The Jetsons back up

If you’re still holding your breath for Sin City 2, prepare to turn a deeper shade of purple – Robert Rodriguez has announced he’s working on two films, and neither of them are the Frank Miller sequel.

Nope, while Rodriguez is busy in pre-production on his futuristic tale Nerverackers, while also developing Grindhouse trailer spin-off Machete, he revealed to MTV that he’s shoving The Jetsons front and centre.

The live-action take on Hanna-Barbera’s 60s ‘toon has been bubbling away quietly in development for years. Fan boys scribe Adam Goldberg penned one draft, but it’s been reworked.

“We’re writing the script right now,” said the director, who declined to reveal any specific plots, or even to confirm if he’ll still make it live-action. Let’s face it, his kiddie fair is usually a blend of actors and cartoony CGI anyway.

He goes on to say that he’s planning to start shooting it next year, though we’ll naturally wait and see. For all we know, he could slip in a Sin City surprise between now and then.

But you shouldn’t start holding that breath again…

[Source MTV ]

If he gets The Jetsons up and running, who would you cast? Should he even bother making it?



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