Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

Victory is accomplished through creative use of the right analog stick or face buttons, whichenable you to apply spin to your shot. Eachof the face buttons adds spin in a different direction - up, down, left or right. Or, you can point the right analog stick in said direction to add the same spin. Moreover, the length of time that youhold a button down or angle thestick indicates how powerful your shot will be. You can even "pre-load"a shot- most of the time, wepressed a button or tipped the stickthe momentour previous shot entered enemy territory.Thus, whenthe all-important plastic sphere returned to us, we were able to crush it, a strategem that met withball-denting success.

Of course, different spins can make the ball curve, or create a funny bounce when you try to lay your paddle to it. You can move your body to theleft, right, or forward and backusing the left analog stick if you really want to lose, but we found it usually hurt more than it helped.At least during our first hours of playtime, we hadfar betterluck staying in the center of the table so all our mental resources could be funneled into shot placement.