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Rocket Power: Gettin Air Cheats, Codes & Guides

Rocket Power: Gettin Air Cheats

  • Last Level

    Frist Officer/Surffen Gril/Ray/Sam's mom
    Submitted by Andy Jameson
  • All Levels(including tito's Surf Contest)

    To get all levels in the 3 modes you have to go to the password screen and put in-
    For EASY MODE (1) put in the pictures of-Cop-Lar's skinny red haired friend-Raymoondo-Sam's Mom
    For MEDIUM MODE (2) Put in the pictures of-Cop
    Lar's skinny friend-the man with glassas brown hair and has a shadow on his left side-Sam's Mom
    For HARD MODE (3) Put in the pictures of-Cop-
    Lar's skinny friend with red hair-Lar's fat brown haired friend-Sam's Mom
    Submitted by Anthony Crawford

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