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Rocket Power: Beach Bandits Cheats, Codes & Guides

Rocket Power: Beach Bandits Cheats

  • Unlock All Levels

    At the options menu pick "Cheats" and answer the seven questions as below
    1. Squid
    2. Conroy
    3. Tito Makani
    4. Maurice
    5. Ocean Shores
    6. Otto
    7. Eddie:Prince of the Netherworld
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  • Player Unlocks

    Pi - get 20 coins
    Spurtz - Get 30 coins
    Lars - Get 40 Coins
    Eric Golem Jr - get 50 Coins
    Eddie - Get 60 Coins
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  • Bonuses

    Get 750 in the shooting gallery
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  • Get Major Air

    One you unlock all multiplayer games, (you need 2 controllers) choose SKATE ARENA. Choose hoverboard. Once its counts down from 3 and you start, get speed and go up one side of the bowl then go to the other side and once your at the top of the bowl, press A. you should be out of the bowl now. (it might take a few try's). Skate around until you see a bowl similar to the one you were in but bigger. Go down in it and do a few tricks to get your Rocket Meter up. Ramp up the sides and you can almost touch the ceiling!!!!
    Submitted by Levi

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