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Rock Em Sock Em Robots Cheats, Codes & Guides

Rock Em Sock Em Robots Cheats

  • All Characters

    Go to versus and press X+and O at once then you should have all character on career and versus.
    Submitted by None
  • All Characters

    Go to versus and press A+B+C left at once then go to career and you should have all characters(all characters on versus to).
    Submitted by None
  • Extra body parts

    To get extra body parts play on career mode and choose any player, then go in a battle and work on one part of the body(Only arms and legs)eventualy it will come of
    Submitted by paul lawrence
  • Secret Characters

    First pick a character that you like for championship mode work you're way up to the final three then beat them without running the time out. And then go to either practice mode or versus mode and you can select them
    you cannot use them for championship mode
    Submitted by Parrish Gabriel
  • Unlock characters

    Beat the game with Red Rocker-Old Red
    Beat the game with Blue Bomber-Old Blue
    Beat the Game seven times to get Ben Hurt
    Beat the game eight times to get Sir Haxalot
    Beat the game nine times to get Tywrenchula
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Get Ben Hurt

    Beat the game with Slamuri to get Ben Hurt
    Submitted by None

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