Rock Band

But with as strong a track record as Harmonix has in producing top quality music-based entertainment; we think they’ve earned our trust for now. Besides, there’s no way they’d be shooting their mouths off about this great new feature if it wasn’t going to be perfect, right? Let’s hope so. Either way, less taxing online elements such as downloadable songs and leaderboards will all work perfectly regardless of connection speeds - and these alone are worth getting excited about. You might actually take your band to the top of the charts after all, kid. Live the dream and all that.

Aside from that little worry of ours, we can’t see any other reason why Rock Band shouldn’t be a contender for game of the year. Harmonix has a history of picking great songs for its games and has already had success with all the various other elements that make up Rock Band separately in other games. After all - Guitar Hero takes care of both bass and guitar and Amplitude turned Dual Shock controllers into three-button drum kits.

Still, at this early stage, Harmonix is keeping its cards pretty close to its leather waistcoat and refuses to let slip much more than what we’ve told you here. Little has been said about the single-player aspect (which will surely allow for careers to be undertaken in all four musical disciplines), definite track listings or even the worrying thought of the game’s price point, apart from the Harmonix guys contradicting rumors that the game would sell for over $100.

Rock Band isn’t out for six months, though, so it’s understandable that so little is finalized yet. Annoying, yes, but it does mean that in coming months, we’ll be able to keep you posted with all the latest news as the proposed winter 2007 launch date draws ever closer.

In the meantime, think about which instrument you’re going to be taking on and get practicing on Guitar Hero, Taiko Drum Master or SingStar. Better still, get all three together and pretend you’re playing Rock Band today. Actually, don’t do that. We tried it. It’s just a mess. Start training your fingers, arms and vocal chords and we’ll see you peacocking on stage in October. No really. We will.

For more on Rock Band, check out our recent interview  with Greg LoPiccolo, VP of product development at Harmonix.

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