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Robopon Sun Version Cheats, Codes & Guides

Robopon Sun Version Cheats

  • Gain big levels

    This code takes awhile to do but it worked for me.I have over 7 robopon at lv:99(the highest they can go).You need the dispatching center and at least 4 robopon in your garage. First, you need to dispatch a party of robopon at basically the same level. If they are under level 10 dispatch them in capri town for 4 hours. Raise 2 hours after each time you dispatch.
    Submitted by sunny
  • Stop and don't walk anywhere.Fight the legends all over again

    These aren't really codes. Code 1:While you are walking press and hold A and you will stop walking! Let go of A and you can walk again. Code 2:When you get the Laurel (title of legend 1)go to zero's castle.When you get there go to the elevator on the left hand corner. It will automatically take you to the 10th floor. Go to the next elevator which is a little bit to the right. It will say on the screen: On to Zero Dome. When you get out you will see people on the place where you faught Dr.Zero.They are the legends! The only legend that is not there is Dr.Zero. Beware Bisco's Robopon are at Lvl.40,then the next legend's at Lvl.45, then 50,then 55.Prince tail's Robopon are at Lvl.65.After you beat them it will go through the credits again...Please submit more codes for this game.
    Submitted by sunny

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