Ridley Scott remaking Red Riding?

There are some directors who has quite busy development plates. Then there's Ridley Scott, who seems ready to add a Red Riding remake to his overly crowded schedule.

Sony has bought the rights to both the miniseries about police corruption and misuse of power - shown over here on Channel 4 - and David Peace's original source novels.

While the series will have a US release, Sony wants to take the five-hour plot and have Steven Zaillian (who worked with Scott on American Gangster and Hannibal) squash it down into one film. What? No plans for a trilogy?

And it also wants the setting changed from the UK to the US. Because switching that seemingly vital element won't affect it at all…

It's anyone's guess when it'll actually see a shooting schedule as Scott has so many films vying for his attention and it's not like Zaillian is sitting on a sofa munching crisps all day either.

Question is, did the superb Red Riding really need remaking?

[Source: Variety ]

What do you think? Give it a makeover or leave well enough alone?


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