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Ridge Racer Revolution Cheats

  • Loading Screen

    WHEN LOADING- Shoot down all enemy ships without missing any shots and you will get eight extra cars wich appear in 'Pretty Racer' mode. This cannot be saved to your memory card. -To destroy a whole wave of enemy ships, activate the secret laser cheat by holding down: R1, L1, SELECT, DOWN and TRIANGLE.
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  • Select Menu

    SELECT MENU- Access the Drift Contest mode by selecting the Time Trial mode and press START while holding Gas and Brake. -On the Course Select screen, L1 or R1 rotates the course, UP or DOWN changes view height.
    -Win the Race Mode on three levels (Novice,Intermediate,Expert), and a faster type of car will be made available, three EXTRA courses will appear, and a Scene Mode will allow you to choose from Normal, Noon, Evening, and Night Backgrounds.
    -On the music select screen press L1 to turn the window off, and press L2 to turn it back on.
    -ENDING- - Beat all tracks, then go to the Time Trial mode to access a brand new Super Car-NOVICE LEVEL-Devil : INTERMEDIATE-Devil Jnr. : EXPER-White Angel
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