Richard Jenkins cast in Let Me In

It might not be a film that anyone thought needed remaking, but at least the American version of Let The Right One In will have a top notch cast, starting with character thesp Richard Jenkins.

Jenkins will play the guardian of a girl who just happens to be a vampire. And playing the blood-hunting kid? Chloe Moretz.

She might not be a big name right now, but she's about to become huge after Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass, in which she plays Hit Girl (below), arrives.

Opposite her as the awkward boy who strikes up a friendship with the dangerous youngster is Kodi Smit-McPhee -   Viggo Mortensen's son in The Road.

Cloverfield director Matt Reeves is the man charged with making sure it doesn't embarrass itself - not an easy job, given the original's pedigree…

Does this cast make the new film sound watchable? Speak!


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