Rian Johnson on his “really violent” time travel movie

We might still be patiently waiting for Rian Johnson’s much delayed Brick follow-up Brothers Bloom, but that hasn’t stopped him from talking about his future projects.

And his next project? Looper, a science fiction flick about: "a huge financial collapse of some sort." And it will be: "really violent and dark."

But just because it’s SF, doesn’t mean it’ll be going overboard on the gadgets.

"It's not like Minority Report, we’re not dealing with a ton of crazy technology. And the time travel aspect of it is similar to the way time travel is used in the first Terminator, where it's part of the setup but it’s not a part of the ongoing story."

Like Terminator, eh? Sounds good to us. "They travel backwards but, like I said, the first Terminator thing is very apt. An element has travelled back from the future, but our entire story takes place in our 'present day,' which is 30 years from now."

"The point of this is to tell a story and keep people watching. So it becomes a balance of narrative vs. information," Johnson said.

[Source: /Film ]

Sounds good to us – does it sound good to you? Are you a fan of Brick? Tell us below!



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