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Revenant Cheats

  • Increase Stats

    Go to Jong (the trainer) and use the pass code Nahkranoth (which makes you kill with one strike). Spar with Jong, each time you hit him you gain a lot of experience. Continue to spar with him, but not too long or he will die. When he starts to disappear, end sparring session, go back inside, then come back out. He will be rejuvenated so that you can spar with him again. Continue to do this and receive until the desired stats are received.
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  • Various Cheats

    Entry location: First press ENTER then type in one of the following codes (You can't press ENTER with weapon drawn)
    alreadydead Max health
    potionsnlotions More potions
    alchemy Get 999,999 gold
    nahkranoth One hit kills
    noamnesia More life, stamina and mana
    lookunderthehood Game editor press F12
    abracadabra Mana and All Spells
    spell pouch ????
    gimmesomegrub More Food
    dummies Turn Off Enemy AI
    debug Game editor press F12
    potionmix ????
    alchemyinfinit Unlimited gold
    godsubzero Ice Arrows Unlimited
    speel pouch ???
    potionmix ???
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