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  • One-player mode codes

    2: Umbrella, Bird, Butterfly,Flower.
    3: Smiley, Cup, Rabbit,Umbrella.
    4: Rabbit, Umbrella, Bird, Bird.
    5: Flower. Umbrella, Rabbit, Cup.
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  • Two-player mode codes

    2: Butterfly, Umbrella, Bear, Heart.
    3: Bear, Rabbit, Flower, Shamrock.
    4: Umbrella, Heart, Shamrock, Flower.
    5: Umbrella, Bear, Rabbit, Heart.
    6: Cup, Bird, Butterfly, Flower.
    7: Heart, Flower, Shamrock, Rabbit.
    8: Heart, Bear, Rabbit, Heart.
    9: Bear, Rabbit, Shamrock, Flower.
    10: Butterfly, Smiley, Umbrella, Shamrock.
    11: Bear, Flower, Smiley, Flower.
    12: Cup, Bear, Flower, umbrella.
    13: Heart, Bird, Flower, Shamrock.
    14: Smiley. Bird, Shamrock, Cup.
    15: Cup, Bird, Shamrock, Bear.
    16: Umbrella, Cup, Bird, Flower.
    17: Smiley, Bear, Rabbit, Flower.
    18: Shamrock, Shamrock, Shamrock, Shamrock.
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