Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City achievements and trophies guide

Only Hurts For A While

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Infected 13 times lifetime Points/ Trophy

This will most likely be gained throughout the course of the story campaign.  Any time an infected person comes near you or attacks you, you have a chance of getting infected.  Once you do, you either have to use an anti-infection spray or you will turn into a zombie.  Regardless of the outcome, have it happen 13 times and this will unlock.

Organic Shield

20 Points/ Silver Trophy

Kill 5 enemies consecutively while using a zombie as a shield.

When you melee a zombie by pressing B/Circle, press and hold it to grab them and use them as a shield.  When you have the meat shield equipped, simply shoot 5 zombies.

Outbreak Survivalist

25 Points/ Silver Trophy

Complete all U.S.S. missions on Veteran.

To nab this, you will need to finish each of the seven missions on the veteran difficulty.  Don’t need to worry about rankings for this.  All you need to worry about is getting to the end of each mission alive. Your best bet is to do it with friends and do it on professional difficulty as you will get this for completing it on that difficulty as well.

Quite The Collection

30 Points/ Silver Trophy

Purchase all available weapons.

There are 23 weapons in total with most costing between 5,000-8,000 XP.  Only the MOB Special is very expensive at 25,000 XP.  It costs roughly 160,000 XP to purchase all weapons that are locked from the beginning of the game.

Raccoon City Cleanser

35 Points/ Gold Trophy

Complete all U.S.S. missions on Professional.

To nab this, you will need to finish each of the seven missions on the Professional difficulty.  You don’t need to worry about rankings for this.  All you need to worry about is getting to the end of each mission alive. Your best bet is to do it with friends or at least online without the AI “helping you”.

Raccoon City Mascot

15 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Collect all 7 Raccoons.

There are 7 raccoons to find throughout the story campaign, one per mission.  The first can be found in the room with the couches that turns red.  Go behind the server shelves and you will find it on the ground.  The second is found in “Corruption” and is located just after a square room with statues.  When you enter the next hall, go to the far end and there will be double doors near the corner that lead to a staircase. Take it up to find the raccoon. 

For “Lights Out”, the third mission, you can find the raccoon in the foggy park next to the large sewer opening and a pile of garbage.  The fourth is in mission “Gone Rogue” and can be found in the center area of the green tanks you come to.  Walk in the small opening to find it on the ground.  The fifth, “Redemption” can be found in a small room when you are taking the lift down.  When it stops for the second time, check the small room off to the side to find it in the corner.  The final raccoon can be found in the “End of the Line” mission right near the end.  Once the zombies break through the wooden fence, go to the far side of the train on the right side to find it there. 

Ready To Dominate

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Fully upgrade all abilities for one character class.

There are 5 abilities for each character and each can be upgraded two more times after the initial purchase. To upgrade one person fully, it will cost roughly 30,000 XP.


20 Points/ Silver Trophy

Revive 31 team mates lifetime Points/ Trophy

Through the course of the game, your idiot teammates will constantly be getting killed.  When they do, walk over to them and press Z/X to revive them.  There’s a pretty good chance that you will get this throughout the story campaign given how often the AI takes a dive.

Rogue's Gallery

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Complete the fourth mission of the USS campaign.

This is part of the single player campaign and will be received from completing Mission Four: Gone Rogue.


20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Play at least one match in every Versus game type

In Versus, there are 4 different modes; Team Attack, Biohazard, Heroes, and Survivor. Just play a complete round of each type and you will get this after the final one. 


  • NGTxxTazMan - March 31, 2012 8:27 a.m.

    This is awesome game i have played its good for solo and online this a game witch the review was a bit lame but should have been a 8/10 instead. lolz =)
  • Philber - March 27, 2012 6:59 p.m.

    The game is worth a buy. Their review was a bit biased to "It's not REGULAR Resident Evil and it's not as good as Left 4 Dead."... It's a game of it's own and it's pretty great. Honestly it'd be a 6/10 if you play completely solo... But the fun factor skyrockets with friends. Easy 8/10 for easy communication and teamwork and avoiding AI partners :3
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