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Redneck Rampage Cheats, Codes & Guides

Redneck Rampage Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    To activate these cheats just type them while playing.
    Code Description
    redall Gives you everything
    redbeta Message "Eat me!"
    redclip Toggle noclipping mode
    reddebug Toggle debug mode
    redelvis Toggle god mode
    redfuckngoEMM Levelwarp (E = Episode MM = Map)
    redguns All guns
    redhounddog Turns god mode off (NOTE: this code does not turn god mode on)
    redinventory All inventory
    reditems All items
    redkeys All keys
    redmaxx Message "Maxx rules"
    redmonsters Toggle no monsters
    redmoonshine Toggle moonshine mode
    redrafael Message "For your grandpa!"
    redrate Shows frame rate
    redshowmap Toggle full map
    redskill# Change skill and restarts level (# = a number between 1 to 4)
    redunlock Toggle all locks
    redview External view (Same as F7)
    redyerat Debug mode
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