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Redline Racer Cheats, Codes & Guides

Redline Racer Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Entry location: During game play hold G + O + D and enter one of these codes at the command line
    Wat code does Code
    God mode immortal
    Disable God mode mortal
    Get all car weapons cw
    Flip car geometry carflip
    Full ammo ca
    No car geometry caroff
    On-foot radar radar
    On-foot weapons have double damage dbdamage
    On-foot weapons have full ammo allammo
    On-foot weapons have targeting targets
    Reticle turns red when over target reticle
    Reverse car geometry carreverse
    Running person instead of car stoneage
    Third person view when on-foot camera
    Toggle car wheels wheelsoff
    Beyond Games Credit World teambeyond
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  • All bickes and tracks

    Type ABODE as you name and you will get all bikes and all tracks
    Submitted by adam (
  • More Accessories

    Type DISSENT as you name
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