Ready? FIGHT! Virtua Fighter 2 played in our latest Sega Saturdays video

Sega has been out of the actual console-making game for over a decade now, but we still love it. That's why we've created a weekly video series entirely dedicated to the games we played and loved when we were growing up (and still play to this day). Now, this isn't just a straight 'Let's Play' video, with members of the team talking over the top of gameplay footage. No, sir. It's packed full of regular features, hard facts, totally inappropriate stories... there's even a beautiful haiku in there. Plus, all the footage is actually captured from a Saturn, so it's all original. This week: Virtua Fighter 2.

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  • GOD - April 28, 2014 10:22 p.m.

    I'm convinced Andy has a shrine of things like Simon Cowell in his closet, and one day when he can get enough money gathered up afford the facial reconstruction surgery to add himself to his sacred shrine. Then on that fateful day that it happens the heavens will weep, partially because you're already a handsome chap Andy and also because the heavens are always weeping in the UK. If by some chance Justin owned Princess Crown, the original Dragon's Crown, I'd like to see that. Yes I went to wikipedia and scrolled down the list of Sega Saturn games. No I've never owned a sega system.
  • GR_AndyHartup - April 29, 2014 4:23 a.m.

    Um, thanks? I'm saving all my Simon Cowell veg to make a 'Cowell Casserole'. And yes, it's always raining in the UK.
  • universaltofu - April 26, 2014 10:10 a.m.

    I admit growing up that it was tekken that stole the spotlight for 3d fighters. Going to various game stores and playing the kiosk, or seeing those replays of someone else, it made it's mark. Virtua Fighter I got into later on, I never even played one until my friend shared his ps2 collection, and now I have final showdown and love that. The 60fps is certainly slick, helps a game hold up for sure.

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