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Re-Volt Cheats

  • Hex Cheat

    NOTE: Always backup your file before proceeding

    Go to the cars folder and open the Parameters.txt file. Change the TopSpeed parameter to any value you want and your car will go faster than the other racers. You can play around with other values here also.
    Submitted by None
  • Flying Cars Mode

    First write down these two words on the wheel URCO-CHANGELING when you do at the select a car screen keep on turning till you find the probe ufo click it as your car pick any race preferable toys in the hood 1 then start the race you will start as a ufo then press either page up or page down to change cars then with any car you can fly for at least 7 seconds
    Submitted by luis urquia
  • Name Cheats

    Put in any of the following names to activate the cheat listed. You can go back and change this name later if desired.
    DRINKME Get Tiny Cars
    URCO Get UFO vehicle
    CARNIVAL Get All cars
    TRACKER Get All tracks
    SADIST Pressing [Right Shift] will get weapon select
    JOKER Same Cars in Multiplayer
    CHANGELING Switch car in middle of race
    MAKEITGOOD Toggle in-game editors
    TVTIME For new view press [F5] or [F6]
    Submitted by None
  • All tracks and cars

    To get all tracks when going to the spot where you enter your name type in "Tracker"then press end then press triangle to go back then at the spot where you typed "tracker" type over that and type "carnival" then press triangle and just type your original name for
    example Curtis the press end
    Submitted by Curtis Rosenlund
  • Computer Ai OFF

    During the tournament mode loading sequence press and HOLD L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Square + Circle
    Submitted by None
  • Get All cars

    Put in CARNIVAL for a name.
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Tracks

    Put in TRACKER for a name. You can get mirrored tracks at the track select screen by pressing UP and Reversed tracks by pressing Down.
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Tracks

    Put in tracker for a name. Also reported as traction
    Submitted by None
  • Weapon Cycle

    Put in sadist for a name. Also reported as yoy for European version. Press L+R to change weapons
    Submitted by None
  • Get UFO

    Put in yuefo for a name.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Hi-Fi Mode

    Put in flyboy for a name.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Tiny Mode

    Put in maggot for a name.
    Submitted by None
  • Get progress table

    Put in goaty for a name.
    Submitted by None
  • Switch Cars

    Put in chancer for a name.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Clockwork Cars!!!!

    Ok, to access clockwork cars complete the stunt arena with 20 stars and when you get back to the main menu go to start race and the option will be at the bottom of the list.
    Submitted by Jack and Rikk Richardson
  • Floating cars mode

    Type your name in as chancer and pick the ufo then when the game starts use the d-pad to change your car and then any car will hover like the ufo.

    Submitted by nathan king
  • Upside Down Track

    To turn the track upside down, hit L+R+Down at the selection screen
    Submitted by None
  • Flying Saucer

    Type "YUEFO" as a name.
    Submitted by None
  • Get All Cars

    Put in carnival (European version) for a name. Also reported as cartoon
    Submitted by None

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