Available on: PS1

Razor Scooter Cheats, Codes & Guides

Razor Scooter Cheats

  • Get All Levels

    At the level select screen press L2, R1, Square, Triangle, L2, X, X
    Submitted by JIMMY KOHAN
  • Get All Scooters

    Save the guy in fourth level
    Submitted by Mark Ullrich
  • Get DARYL

    To get daryl you must beat the last level of the game and get all 20 wheels
    Submitted by Jahan Jville-Florida
  • Special Moves

    1)Frontflip - up up square
    2)No-Footed Backflip - down down square
    3)Rock and Roll - up triangle, works at lip of ramp
    1)Backflip - down down square
    2)Around the World - left left square
    3)Tap Barspin - down triangle, works at lip of ramp
    1)Bluenose - up right circle
    2)Backflip - down down square
    3)Backside Boneless - down triangle, works at lip of ramp.
    1)front flp-up up Square
    2)Back flp-Down Down Square
    Submitted by Austin
  • Get all characters

    To get all characters you need to beat the 6 secret levels.
    Submitted by None
  • All Characters and Levels

    On any level pause the game and press right, down, right, left, right, up, right, right. It will say on the top ALL EVERYTHING CODE. Also try Right,Down,Right,Left,Right,Up,Right,Right
    Submitted by Mark Springer

Razor Scooter Hints

  • Hint:6,000 point combo

    Find a halfpipe on level 1. While in air, press Up(2),Down,Right,Circle.Your character will do a 6,000 point move.
    Submitted by Christopher maxwell

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Available Platforms: PS1