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Who are you trying to protect? Raw Danger's story follows six individuals that all share an obvious common goal: getting the hell out of danger. These guys and gals are like any other human being, though, and they all have their own personal quandaries in the midst of the apocalyptic setting. Amber has been wrongfully accused of murdering her brother and is attempting to escape from police. Ivan is an amnesiac scientist trying to uncover the truth behind the city's destruction. Other characters include a taxi driver, a college student, a high school student and a journalist, each with their own back stories and skills.

The most intriguing aspect, however, is how these characters' personal goals ultimately form the story's final mold. Raw Danger gambles with the "Six Degrees of Separation" theory, in which all individuals are connected and influence each other through their choices. Playing as the taxi driver, for instance, you may see a cop chasing a girl across the street. That girl is Amber, of course, and if you choose to hit the policeman with your car, you will not only help her, but also help yourself when you play through Amber's storyline later in the game.

Raw Danger has been sitting in Japan for the past couple years, but its publisher promises the American release won't be just any regular localization. In other words, this won’t be a word-by-word translation. New voiceovers are being recorded and some of the annoying bugs that were in the original Japanese release will be fixed - bugs that caused wacky controls and inevitable cheap deaths. The story won't be exactly the same, either - it's been altered enough so that the catastrophes will feel like they're really happening right here in America. 

Okay, so Raw Danger obviously doesn’t have that visual appeal that lures gamers in right away - it was produced awhile ago, after all, and the first game in this series (it was called Disaster Report over here) was niche-y fun without being a looker, so this could be too. If Raw Danger  can deliver upon its promise of a reinvigorated take on the survival horror genre, it may turn out to be that rarest of beasts: an enjoyable disaster.


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