Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters - updated hands-on

Weapons are plentiful, as per usual; some of the more noteworthy death-dealers this time around include a bee mine glove, acid bombs and something called a "laser tracer." Publisher Sony won't say how many weapons there are in total, or even how many are returning from previous Ratchet installments, but what we've played so far gave us a satisfying mix.

Also, armor sets come into play, both to protect Ratchet and to give him bonuses for completing a set. For example, if you find and wear all the crystal armor pieces, enemy-damaging shards will spring out from the ground.

Multiplayer is included, and it's worlds deeper than Daxter's flimsy rock/scissors/paper mechanic. Deathmatches and capture-the-flag modes will be available in free-for-all or team variations, with all the single-player weapons available, and you'll be able to play over ad-hoc and infrastructure connections. We had a chance to try out multiplayer during our hands-on time with the game, and it worked well - though obviously not as addictive as, say, Halo 2.


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