Ratchet & Clank Future: Gold Bolt guide

5-8. Mukow - four bolts

Bolt 1
Mukow's Gold Bolts are among the trickiest to find. To get the first one, you'll need a Decryptor - which you won't get until you reach Planet Sargasso later on - but once you've hacked your way past the force field near the beginning of the level, finding the Gold Bolt itself is child's play:




Bolt 2
Once you've located the six Tachyon statues scattered around Mukow, you'll unlock an extremely dangerous path to the planet's Ferris Wheel. From there, whip out your Swingshot and get ready to Tarzan your way to the next Gold Bolt.

Bolt 3
Finding this bolt - which you're teased with if you take the floating taxi to or from Mukow's arena - is a little tricky, but doesn't require finding any items the way the last two did. Just make your way through the level as normal and - when you reach a big zipline - be sure to look left:


Bolt 4
Mukow's final Gold Bolt is just past the third one, but you'll need the Geo-Laser to bust down the wall that it's hiding behind:


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