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Rally Cross Cheats

  • Cheats

    (Note The cheats are to be entered via the high score tableor the new season name input screen.)
    stone : Heavy cars.
    feather : Light cars.
    Float : Low-gravity.
    fat tires : Increases tire size.
    no wheels : No wheels on your car.
    vet me : Win the rookie season.
    im a pro : Win the veteran season.
    weeoo : All cars and all tracks.
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  • Passwords:

    These codes can be entered on the Lap Record screen or as your name on the New Season start screen.
    radbrad : Gravity that seems more realistic.
    banzai : extremely forgiving car to car collision (in other words, you can go through them)
    spinner : wheels can turn 90 degrees (watch the wheels when you steer standing still)
    noviscous : water, mud, and soft sand don't 'grab' you.
    wheels : only wheels are drawn.
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