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Rainbow Six: Raven Shield Cheats, Codes & Guides

Rainbow Six: Raven Shield Cheats

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    Entry location: During gameplay press ~ (or the button you configured) to bring up the console then put in a code below.
    god Invincibility
    godteam Invincibility for Team
    godhostage Invincibility for Hostages
    godall Invincibility for All
    behindView 1 3rd Person View
    fullAmmo Full Ammo
    toggleUnlimitedPractice Game Never Ends
    toggleCollision No Clipping Mode
    toggleThreatInfo Show Threat Info
    neutralizeTerro Eliminate Terrorists
    disarmbombs Disarm Bombs
    deactivateIODevice Deactivate IO Devices
    rescueHostage Rescue Hostages
    disableMorality Disable Morality Rules
    callTerro Bring Terrorists to You
    playerInvisible Terrorists Don't Detect You
    tSurrender All Terrorists Surrender
    tSprayFire Terrorists Shoot Wildly
    tAimedFire Terrorists Aim & Fire at You
    tRunAway Terrorists Run Away
    tNoThreat Terrorists at No Threat State
    rendSpot See Where Terrorists Spawned
    resetThreat Reset Hostage's Threat
    showFOV Show Field of Views
    route Show Terrorists/Hostages Routes
    killThemAll Kill All Non Players
    killTerro Kill All Terrorists
    killhostage Kill All Hostages
    killRainbow Kill All Rainbow Operatives
    demoRec Record Demo
    stopDemo Stop Recording
    demoPlay # Play Demo #
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