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Railroad Tycoon 3 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Railroad Tycoon 3 Cheats

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    Press the period key . then put in a code below
    Code Effect
    we have a winner Gold Win with Gold medal
    we have a winner Silver Win with Silver medal
    we have a winner Bronze Win with Bronze medal
    we have a winner Win Game
    big dog Get $10 Million
    fat cat Get $1 Million
    baillout $10 Million to Company
    subsidy $1 Million to Company
    go go go Trains Move 2X speed
    double shift Cargo produces 2X faster
    safety first trains never crash
    upgrade Trains are HST 125's
    passport All territories open
    oops Massive crash of all trains
    trains are in my blood All trains Available
    all is lost Lose game
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