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Rage Racer Cheats

  • Reversed Tracks

    Select Race Start and then press and hold:L1+R1+Select+Start.
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Rage Racer Hints


    Here are a bunch of neat tricks for this game.
    More Colors: To get additional colors when making your own logo, move the cursor out of the painting area. Now press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Select.An RGB Option appears on the side of the drawing board. Move to a color R1+Up or Down to change the values of your colors.
    Mirror Mode: Racing on a mirrored version of the tracks is easy.Just choose a race and hold L1+R1+Select+Start until the race begins.Rotate Logo: After More Colors Mode is activated, go to the Paint Menu, hold L1+R1 and then press any direction to flip your artwork up, down and sideways. You'll be able to place it on the car this way if you leave itflipped.
    Toggle Rear View Mirror: If you want to turn off the rear view mirror,press Start to pause and then hold the Triangle button. While holdingit, press L1 to make the mirror go.
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