Rage: “Legacy of id” video offers bite-sized history lesson on Doom's creators

Impressive footage shown off alongside impressive haircuts

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Rage is id Software's first original FPS since Quake%26rsquo;s 1996 release, and the company wants to make sure you know it%26rsquo;s a pretty big deal. The game's first behind-the-scenes promo video, %26ldquo;Legacy of id,%26rdquo; spares no hagiographical detail in establishing Carmack and company%26rsquo;s rightful place in gaming history. However, any excesses of ego on id's part are tempered by a generous complement of historical material, including a wealth of photos from the embarrassing days of young superstar programmers with lustrous manes and coke-bottle frames. Also, there's lots of Rage footage, which is cool.


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