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Radix: Beyond the Void Cheats, Codes & Guides

Radix: Beyond the Void Cheats

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    Code Description
    NSOPTA Full weapons, shields and energy
    NSBAGWAN Turns on Ultra Shields
    NSBJIPP Turns on manuevering jets
    NSDIEBESTERDS Weapons fire at a faster rate
    NSE Full energy
    NSOPTL Lighting turned on

    Many of the cheats work only with version 1.1.

    More Cheats

    NSOPTM-Full Map

    NSDEATH- Enimies fire faster
    NSFRICOFF-Air Friction toggle
    NSBLASTER-Rapid energy
    NSHORSLEY-Rapid shield
    NSWARPxy-Warp to episode x level y
    Submitted by Gerard Watson

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