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  • Unlimited Money

    When you start the game, you will be situated at your room. Go out and you will notice a guard next to you. Kick him by pressing X and he says OUCH!! Your money will increase by 1. Keep kickin` to get unlimited money. I got 999,999 in 1 hour! Note: you must do it right away when you start!
    Soft Reset
    During gameplay, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 +Start + Select, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
    More Friends - Aldo and Lily
    As you know, you can ask up to 177 characters you join you. But some of them are really tricky. Here are some of them that I find tricky so far.
    Aldo (the one wearing red armor in Warrior Guild): for him to join, you have to have Book of Fairies in your possession.
    Lily (the girl with yellow eyes and wearing white cloth in the Bandit Guild): you have to follow the chief of Warrior Guild till the end of the tunnel where she pray to the dead. Upon your exit, you will encounter Lily, and she will ask you to a duel.
    Submitted by Vince

Radiata Stories Hints

  • How to Make Easy Money

    Ok, in the game you can buy lottery tickets. Most sell for 1,000 each, but in the beast pit there's a guy who sells for 100 each. You save the game and then spen all your money on the tickets. You may get a winner (10,000 is jack pot). If you don't get a winner load game agian and do the same thing You don't loose money if you load game agian.You can win the jack pot more than once.
    Get Lenneth Valkyrie
    Beat the optional dungeon "Corridor of Distortion". Lenneth will join you after battle.
    Tamaki Nami mini concert
    Witness Nami's transformation and talk to her immediately in the night and desire streeet during 6.00pm and she will join you. Visit the Red Lotus Bar in the same area during the night and she will perform the game opening theme "Fortune".You cannot have her in your party when visiting the Red Lotus Bar.
    Best Weapons
    The Leviathan - Spear: Once you become a sergent, one of your mission will require you to find a miracle stone, and you have to go to a cave. At the end of that cave you will encounter a monster, once you defeat it you will receive the spear. With attack strength 56 points, 12 attack styles. Freeze your enemy instantly.
    Rune Saber - Saber: Same condition as the spear, but the mission will ask you to go down to the sewer to defeat a jelly-kind of monster. After you defeated it you will receive it. Attack strength 56 points, 8 attack styles, and it can petrified your enemy.
    Submitted by Vince

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