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    Shortcut#1; Ok on autobahn When you pass The second Bridge (you have to be quick about this or you will not get first place) you should see a little path and go through it and then you should Be in 1ST place.
    Shortcut#2; You wont be able to see much of it though some where you will see a dirt road and go on it and fist is yours!
    Shortcut#3; On vineyards right before u go under the bridge turn left (with is really right) and you Should jump over a train and you should be in first. OK here is another one on the same track when u see a u thing type turn and go through the grass and still be in first.
    Shortcuts1-5; on Montana when u go through the u's make a right (Really left) and you will fly in the air and1 is yours.
    Submitted by Barett Wright

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