Rachel Weisz ready for horror?

With Jennifer's Body arriving in cinemas across the pond this week, director Karyn Kusama is weighing up new projects - and it appears she's sticking with horror, not to mention attractive leading ladies.

Kusama is apparently pondering another tale of body horror gore and David Cronenberg-style twists.

"There's a screenplay I wrote a while a go with a partner that has a sort of element of horror, although I would call it a psychological horror in the Cronenberg tradition, that I'm tying to get made," she tells io9.

"It definitely does fall into sort of a body horror movie that deals very, very specifically with our concept of gender. I can't really talk to you specifically about it other than to say that Rachel Weisz is attached to the film."

Chances are we'll have to wait to see what happens with Jennifer's Body first, since Kusama admits she doesn't have the financing lined up for the untitled shocker yet.

But Rachel Weisz in a gender-twisting, body horror-style film certainly colours us interested…

[Source: io9 ]

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