GAMEFest photo diary: Queues! Zombies! Cross-eyed booth babes!

On Friday 16th September 2011, at the Birmingham NEC, retailer GAME launched GAMEFest - an exhibition for consumers to play the likes of Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 before they come out in the shops.

GamesRadar UK descended on the show and created this somewhat bizarre photo diary to see what went down.

This is what the inside of GAMEFest looks like. Our first impressions were a) it's a lot smaller than E3 (obviously) and b) it's a lot bigger than what we thought it was going to be. Yup, we were pretty confused when we arrived in Birmingham.

The dining area, otherwise known as cholesterol alley. We bought a burger here and we're pretty sure we'll regret this decision for the rest of our lives. Anyway, these photos will become more exciting... right... now...

Cundy was attacked by a zombie. Well, a man in very convincing zombie make-up representing the game Zombies Must Die. Judging by the smell after this encounter we're pretty sure Matt genuinely soiled himself. Pew-wee.

The theme of GAMEFest seemed to be queuing. The dedication of these folk lining up to see their favourite upcoming games was admirable. Do you want to see some more pictures of people waiting patiently? Sure you do.

This may look disorderly, like a gang of football hooligans preparing to attack like a pack of hungry wolves, but this is the queue for Battlefield 3. There was a two hour waiting time for some. One more? Ah, go on...

We decided it would be fun to play a few readers of GamesRadar at a couple of games. Shortly after this picture was taken the man on the left, named Raphael, battered Cundy at Street Fighter x Tekken. Then Dave. And then Nathan. It was a hat-trick of misery for the GR UK men but Cundy at least managed to salvage some pride by going on a win streak later.

Blurry as this picture is, it perfectly captures Nathan's sheer joy at exacting revenge on the readers during a game of FIFA 12. Who'd have known that playing with Man City would bring such joy to Manchester United fan. TRAITOR!

The biggest surprise was that some of the Nintendo 3DS pods were empty. IT'S NEW MARIO, YOU IDIOTS we may or may not have mumbled under our breath.

This is James Bond's Aston Martin outside the GoldenEye Reloaded stand. Shiny, huh?

Cundy made some new friends. He also made them feel quite self-conscious as he quizzed them on whether they were wearing underwear under their skin-tight lycra. His constant staring at the their crotch areas was particularly unsettling.

Booth babes!

To be fair there weren't that many booth babes on the show floor. It was far from the skin-fest that is GamesCom or E3 but GAMEFest is just getting started and maybe next year they'll go all out on the sexy front. We thought it might be funny to have the ladies do something other than push their chests out while we nervously took pictures and, well, this happened...


Sept 20, 2011