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Quake 64 Cheats

  • Debug Menu (All Cheats)

    Go to Password Entry (select Load Game then select Dont Save to Controller Pak) and enter all Q's as your password until it says Incorrect Password. Now go to the Options Menu and Debug Menu will be listed. The options are Level Select, All Weapons, God Mode (invincible) and Targets.
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  • Level passwords

    Level Name Password
    2 Castle of the Damned H40X ZVVB HLBD 74DJ
    3 The Necropolis H0P3 2XBN WQ2B NZVK
    4 Gloom Keep CWHX CH3B GDB3 14JY
    5 The Door to Chthon PQW4 9QVD Y8VY X21M
    6 The House of Chthon PL24 XBBT YJLQ 32?6
    7 Ziggurat Vertigo 6JR3 KDDV 3SLG 9RFT
    8 The Ogre Citadel GWY6 7BBB 23BD L4HK
    9 The Crypt of Decay B8YN BBBB ZBBB SXR4
    10 The Wizard's Manse 55R6 0XCJ 2LBR QVV1
    11 The Dismal Oubliette 51RZ ?6xQ RGBR NNJH
    12 Underearth 5XRV SMXP B7BR LP5H
    13 Termination Central 5SR9 TPFG VQBR JBCT
    14 Vaults of Zin 5NRV JF6G CVBR GBFL
    15 The Tomb of Terror 5JR6 HDXM 2ZBR DPN5
    16 Satan's Dark Delight 5DR0 HW4N PZ?S 5Y2W
    17 Chambers of Torment 49R6 XBBJ 2GBQ 932T
    18 The Haunted Halls 45RZ ZF32 LZBQ 773R
    19 The Tower of Despair 41R0 6PFG WGBQ 5BCH
    20 The Elder God Shrine 4XRV QBFG B3BQ 3BD3
    21 The Palace of Hate 4SR5 DBBN ZGBQ 1628
    22 The Pain Maze 4NRV JBBF BRY5 744W
    23 Azure Agony 4JR5 1BBB 0QBQ X4HX
    24 Shub-Niggurath's Pit 39R9 2PFG W7BQ SBCF
    25 The Nameless City 4DR1 4XDD RVBQ VM1B

    Submitted by JACOB .B.CHRISTISON

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