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Quad Desert Fury Hints

  • Quad Desert Fury Hint

    When playing Quad Desert Fury, try not to pay attention to the road as much as to the arrow. If you pay attention to the road, you could easily forget where you're going. That is why they made it an off-road game!
    Submitted by JeffBob
  • Hints

    Hint: When you get air push down and A on control pad you will get more air and less chance of a wreck.
    Hint: Try to avoid all cactus, trees, rocks and checkpoint posts.
    Hint: Holding A and B at same time will make you go in reverse holding down on control pad will also make you go in reverse.
    Hint: If you do not want to hold A to go forward hold up on control pad.
    Hint: To go faster with or without nitrous hold up and A at the same time.
    Hint: If you hold the top (L) button you will get a left side view of ATV if you hold (R) you will get a right side view of ATV.
    Submitted by Matt
  • Free Stages

    Instead of playing challenge mode and getting new levels, just do free run and play any level you want. You can even play the last level
    Submitted by Mr. ATV

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