Puzzle Guzzle - first look

If that amount of brain-bending isn’t enough, Puzzle Guzzle has got two other modes thrown in, and both have the potential to be entire games in and of themselves. There’s Stuffit mode, where again you battle an opponent, but the screen starts off filled with blocks, and remains filled - the goal is not to stay alive, but to complete as many shapes as you can in the time limit. The kicker is that you’re both working on the same puzzle! So you can sabotage each other or wait and “steal” your opponent’s shapes by completing them before they can.

Finally, there’s Quiz mode, where it’s just you against a puzzle, and you have to arrange the blocks so they form a specific shape… but you have to arrange it so that they whole thing is completed in one move! This mode is a nice break from the fast, frantic Drop and Stuffit modes, where you can sit back and think about the solution. For this mode there will be additional official puzzles you can download, and you can create your own to share with friends.

Puzzle Guzzle features Mega Man-style progression, where as you defeat opponents (both AI and human), you can steal their physical traits, like their eyes or nose, or you can steal their special attacks, which are used in both Drop and Stuffit to hinder the competition. There are unique attacks for both modes, since the rules for winning are so different.

From what we played, the game seems to pack in a lot of replayability and variety, and could be a serious blast with 8-player ad-hoc vs play. Planned for release in February, the appropriately titled PSP puzzler looks to have a whole lot of content to fill your skull and then some.


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