Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice - hands-on

We've also had a chance to check out Extreme Justice's four new multiplayer modes, which enable up to four players to play cops and robbers over an ad-hoc connection. Only one actually allows for four players, though: Rampage, a completely on-foot mode that has players creeping around a dockyard, trying to gun each other down in third-person shooter matches. Aiming is a little wonky, as you'll need to hold down the left shoulder button to look around, but otherwise it was fun.

Rampage wasn't as much fun as the other modes, of course, which toss two players into high-speed battles for road supremacy. One of these, called Survivor, actually requires both players to work together to fend off baddies, with one player driving and the other manning a huge-ass gun. Meanwhile, the other two - Ram Jam and Cops and Robbers - are pure, fast-paced road battles in which the criminal player has to carjack a certain number of vehicles before time runs out, while the cop player's only task is to stop him or her. These felt a little unbalanced, mainly because the cop player can win by doing nothing if the robber player sucks, but they were still about as fun as a violent two-player road race can be.

Our time with Extreme Justice so far has been pretty short, but it's shaping up to be at least as badass (and as insanely difficult) as its predecessor. And with the promise of no fewer than 50 levels to tackle, it should have a lot more longevity than the original. Whatever the case, any sequel that can successfully replicate the thundering ridiculousness of the first Pursuit Force is one that has our interest, so we're already looking forward to the game's release next month.

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