Available on: Xbox

Pump it Up: Exceed Cheats, Codes & Guides

Pump it Up: Exceed Cheats

  • Unlockable Songs

    Final Audition 2-Play in Home Mode
    Turkey March by-Play in Home Mode
    Mr. Larpus-Play in Home Mode
    Beethoven Virus-Play in Home Mode
    Winter-Play in Home Mode
    Final Audition 3-Play in Home Mode
    Power of Dream-Play in Sudden Death Mode
    Kiss Me by-Play in Sudden Death Mode
    Valenti-Play in Sudden Death Mode
    Forever Love-Play in Sudden Death Mode
    Love Song-Play in Sudden Death Mode
    My Way-Get 10 Km on Step Mileage
    One Love-Get 50 Km on Step Mileage
    Canon-D-Get 100 Km on Step Mileage
    Street Showdown-Play 10 songs in a row on Survival Mode
    Monkey Fingers-Play 20 songs in a row on Survival Mode
    Flamenco-Play 30 songs in a row on Survival Mode
    Submitted by Razor X
  • Freeze Arrow Glitch

    As you may notice that no matter how you hit a freeze arrow, you always get a perfect after every 1/8 or 1/16 beat. Now I've noticed that you can hit the freeze arrow as early as you want even so early that you won't even miss the arrow as long as you're still on it.
    Submitted by Razor X

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Available Platforms: Xbox