PSN Store still down as Sony suffers new attacks in Greece and Japan

Some PSN services offline for maintenance today

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Sony's PSN Store is still offline. While many had been reporting – and hoping – that the Store would reopen today, continued due-diligence busywork on the network's security sees Sony's latest update stating that the company hopes to have the service back up by the end of the month. Some features of the network will also be offline for maintenance until day's end today, though a “majority” of US consumers will still be able to access online play. This as fresh hacker attacks plague the company in Greece and Japan.

On Sunday, the Greek wing of Sony Music discovered a website breach that compromised personal data for 8,500 customers. Sony says this data includes names and contact details but no credit card details. Embarrassingly, the same method used to pull off the Greek breach – an SQL injection flaw, if you want to get technical – today saw a hacker group named Lulz Security gain access to the servers for Sony Music Entertainment Japan. No data has been reported missing, in line with Lulz' self-proclaimed mission of breaching dodgy security systems for fun rather than profit.

PSN is still down in Japan. Last week, the Japanese Government stated that while they weren't stopping Sony from bringing the Network back online, “there are... areas that require further explanation” with regards to Sony's security commitments to its customers. After the two latest hacks, few would disagree.

May 24, 2011