PS4 wins Black Friday in shops while Xbox One takes the online crown

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There was no shortage of console deals in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so it's interesting to see who won in the battle of PS4 vs Xbox One. Think Game of Thrones' Battle of Winterfell but with trebuchets of wireless controllers and copies of Overwatch and you're on the right track. However, it turns out that rather than one console standing over the bloodied corpse of the other, PS4 and Xbox One appear to have met a sales truce. 

In stats collected by analytics firm InfoScoutafter it looked at 1.2 million receipts from Black Friday weekend, it turns out that people shopping in real shops erred on Sony's side with PS4 taking a 58% share of the market. 56% of this was made up by sales of the new slimline PS4 500GB while only 2% was the 4K PS4 Pro. This isn't a surprise given the nature of the pricing of the PS4 Slim in comparison to the new console. PS4 Slim 500GB and 6 games for less than the asking price of the Pro? Oh, go on. 

On the flip side, online sales were ruled by Xbox One, which took 55% of console purchases. 34% of this was purchases of the 500GB model of the Xbox One S and only 7% the 1TB edition. We saw some incredible offers from Microsoft this year and now that the console has been slimmed down, the range of new games and a good price have clearly worked in Microsoft's favour. 

It's also interesting to take a look at the reasons behind buying specific consoles. Infoscout only polled 300 shoppers but it's clear from the graph below that console game selection was the biggest sell for consumers on Xbox One. The PS4 had the edge when it came to buyers thinking about performance and graphics, and it also seems that  the 'Xbox is for TV' message from E3 past must have stuck around because people are favouring Microsoft's console for entertainment and streaming. 

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