PS3: We've got it. We're happy

We had a truly excellent surprise when FedEx showed up a little while ago: our retail PlayStation 3.

Though gamers won't be getting hold of the system until next Friday, we were lucky enough to be handed a unit by Sony today. The box contained the 60GB PS3 unit, an HDMI video cable (for the best high definition signal; that's not inside the PS3 box) and Resistance: Fall of Man andGenji: Days of the Blade. Sony also tucked in Kung Fu Hustle on Blu-ray in addition to the copy of Talladega Nights that's tucked into the PS3 box.

Why bother saying more? Just keep clicking "Next" and we'll keep feeding you pictures of our hot new PlayStation 3. If you click the Images tab above, you'll get to see some high resolution shots - just click "Supersize" to get a stupidly huge version of any picture.

Above: Open the box... and a PS3 lurks inside