PS3 launch: This was waiting

January 2007
After a year of living in a bad news mudslide, 2007 kicked off with a real pleaser - all the opportunist Ebay 'scalpers' were struggling to sell their collected consoles. Ha, ha, ha. And any worries that we would suffer yet another delay was again deflected by Sony, while the long-expected price of £425 was finally confirmed for good, along with all the other details.

Oddly, though, despite PlayStation 3 only having been out for less than three months, defeatist US magazine PSM were already scrabbling to call the next-gen war a draw. But then, as we found out, Sony's console was hardly selling like the proverbial warm buns over in the States.

Above: Is it more depressing that someone took time to fake this, or that it wouldn't have been a surprise if it was true?

February 2007
"Oh Christ! They've cancelled the UK launch!  Oh, God, no they haven't." was the nation's split-second response as some internet joker created a fake GameSpot page. More exasperating, though, was Electronic Arts already writing off Sony's chances in the battle against Microsoft. Still, at least we were guaranteed a 30 game line-up to choose from come March. And Bond, of course.

Developers were still unconvinced about the Sixaxis tilty thing, though, while we were arguing over whether PS3 not being able to play every PS2 game really mattered. But good news was on the horizon, or at least anti-bad news, as Sony announced that its own PS3 games would cost £39.99, a number so familiar to longterm gamers like ourselves that we use it for all our passwor... urk!


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