PS3 launch: This was waiting

June 2006
"You'll never need to use a PC again!" Sony blathered this month, expanding on the idea by promising the PS3 would be upgradeable. Marvelous, something else to spend £1000 a year on. Although, worryingly, Sony was apparently having trouble getting all PS3's bits in the same box, suggesting the console's specs might actually get downgraded.

Part of this technobesity was down to Sony bundling in the PS2's main chips, although this was only to be a temporary fix. Finally, as retailers depressed everyone by listing PS3 games as $10 more than 360's, Sony claimed that losing its traditional exclusivity on GTA actually didn't matter, and anyway, people really wouldn't mind paying a premium price for PlayStation 3.

July 2006
PS3 must get a price cut to compete, according to Ubisoft, which wasn't what Sony needed to hear when the reliability of its Blu-ray discs was already being questioned. Still, at least your investment (the pre-order damage of which was set at £150 this month) would last you a good ten years, with Sony confident of a long and fruitful life for its third console birth.

August 2006
Similarities between PS3's online service and Xbox Live seemed to get stronger as Sony began hinting that it would create an Entitlement system for users. Although Phil Harrison was already turning his braingaze to the future, claiming that PlayStation 4 wouldn't use discs. Back in the present, we were all a little happier than before to find a healthy 29 games predicted for launch.

Only there was a small problem in that - with the November launch bearing down - not a single retail PS3 had been made. And even though Sony had brought one (one!) to this month's Leipzig event, it didn't even get plugged in. But, then, since it was going to cost the Earth, and Sony was having to cannibalise its own Blu-ray players just to get PS3 production underway, who could really expect to see one in three months?


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